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General Information

The BVI is a group of islands in the Caribbean basin 60 miles east of Puerto Rico. It is a British dependency with a population of about 18,000 people (very diverse, consisting of indigenous and expartiates of many nationalities), with constitution and democratically elected parliament. The Chief Minister of the BVI is rather responsible for the sector of financial services than the Government of Great Britain. The capital is Road Town, on the Tortola island. It is also the financial centre of the BVI.

The BVI is probably the most popular of the Caribbean jurisdictions for corporate registration, which has not suffered from the money laundering scandals associated with some other Caribbean jurisdictions.

The BVI has no direct tax treaties with the UK, though it has respective treaties with Japan and Switzerland.

The jurisdiction has the highest standards as regards efficiency of corporate registration, confidentiality, political stability and legal system, prices and fees. It also has quite good local banking facilities.

British Virgin Islands now is one of the world's most popular off-shore jurisdictions, particularly in the Far East region, due to the extensive marketing of the jurisdiction. Since 1984 when the International Business Companies Act was adopted almost 700 000 IBC's, (the preferred offshore company vehicle) have been incorporated. Government actively encourages development of the offshore finance business. Offshore industry under the International Business Companies act contributes directly to public revenues .