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Reasons for BVI Incorporation

In short words the main reasons for BVI Company formation are as follows:

- Maximum security of assets and the ability to transfer domicile

- The directors may protect the assets of the IBC for the benefit of the IBC, its creditors and its members by transferring its assets to another company, trust, foundation, association or partnership; and merge or consolidate with any other BVI Company or foreign corporation in another accommodating jurisdiction.

- The highest level of confidentiality and anonymity is provided by BVI Company bearer shares being available by the absence of any requirements to file any organizational or accountancy information with the Registrar of Companies, (other than the memorandum of Articles of Association), and by the fact that share registers are available only for BVI company registered shareholders or by order of the BVI court.

More detailed explanations follows.

Additionally the BVI offshore incorporation guides will provide answers to the most common questions.