Special Trust Act (VISTA)

BVI  Legislation Acts

British Virgin Islands Constitution - Legislative document serving as the basis for British Virgin Islands domestic and offshore legislation. Includes provisions regulating BVI Governor's and Executive's functions, BVI legislature, working of Public service, Judicial and Legal Service, Pensions, Financial system.

BVI Business Companies Act - Legislative act providing for the incorporation, management, and operation of different types of BVI Business Companies, as well as for the relationships between companies and their directors and members and for connected matters. Enacted in 2004.

BVI Partnership Act, 1996 - Legislative act regulating creation and functioning of BVI partnership, nature of partner's interest in the partnership, relations between partners, dissolution of partnership and its consequences; provides legislative basis for limited partnerships. Enacted in 1996.

BVI Mutual Funds Act, 1996 - Legislative act regulating administration of Mutual Funds, including Private and Public Funds, functions of Managers and Administrators, general notices as regards fees and procedure.

BVI Banks and Trust Companies Act - Legislative act regulating registration and licencing of BVI banks and trust companies. Includes requirements and exemptions for licences, administration and inspection issues. Enacted in 1990.

Segregated Portfolio Companies Regulations, 2005 - Legislative regulations concerning mutual funds, audit of financial statements, creation of segregated portfolios, notifications to Commission and related matters. Enacted in 1995.

The Company Management Act, 1990 - Legislative act that regulates company licencing, administration, fees, as well as transferability of shares and changes in directors. Other related matters include power of inspector, licencee duties, annual returns. Enacted in 1990.