Trustee Act, 2003 Mutual Funds Act, 1997 Business Companies Act, 2006 Company Management Act, 2006

Amendments of BVI Legislation Acts

Trustee Act, 2003 - Legislative act enacted in 1961 and amended by the Trustee (Amendment) Act in 1993. Includes provisions on investments and securities, general powers of trustees and personal representatives, indemnities and other related matters.

Mutual Funds Act, 1997 - Enacted in 1997 to amend the Mutual Funds Act, 1996. Provides the definitions of the terms mentioned in the principal Act, and adds some subsections.

Financial Services Commission (Amendment) Act, 2004 - Legislative act to amend the Financial Services Commission Act, 2001, by the Part concerning authorised and recognised custodians, and conditions of the approval and revocation of authorised custodians.

International Business Companies (Amendment) Act, 2004 - Legislative act to amend the International Business Companies Act by changing the definition of 'transition date' and the memorandum of association.