User Guide No. 1 Introduction Who can Form a Company Decisions Prior to Incorporation Step 1: Choose available name Step 2: Registered Office Step 3: Memorandum and Articles Step 4: Directors and Shareholders Applying to the Registrar Fees

BVI Financial Services Commission User Guide No. 1 - Incorporating a Company Limited by Shares


This User Guide covers the incorporation of companies limited by shares, which are the most commonly formed type of company in the BVI.

If you will be acting as a director of a company that is to be incorporated, you should be aware of the legal responsibilities that the Act imposes on directors. See User Guide No. 4 [Directors and their Responsibilities]. You should also consider obtaining advice on:

Special restrictions and rules apply to a company that is authorised to issue bearer shares, whether or not the company actually issues bearer shares. Bearer share companies are no longer commonly used and they are not, therefore, covered in this or any other User Guide issued by the Registry of Corporate Affairs. Professional advice should always be sought with respect to bearer share companies.