User Guide No. 1 Introduction Who can Form a Company Decisions Prior to Incorporation Step 1: Choose available name Step 2: Registered Office Step 3: Memorandum and Articles Step 4: Directors and Shareholders Applying to the Registrar Fees

BVI Financial Services Commission User Guide No. 1 - Incorporating a Company Limited by Shares

Who can Form a Company?

The Act requires every BVI business company to have a registered agent and an application to the Registry to incorporate a BVI business company may only be made by the person who will be the first registered agent of the company. The Registrar is prohibited by the Act from accepting an application that is made by any other person. If you attempt to file an application yourself, it will be rejected. You must, therefore, instruct a registered agent to incorporate the company on your behalf.

Only a person who is licensed by the Financial Services Commission [“the Commission”] as a company management company [under the Company Management Act, 1990] or as a Class I or III trust company [under the Banks and Trust Companies Act, 1990] can lawfully act as the registered agent of a BVI business company. You can obtain a list of authorised registered agents from the Commission’s website or directly from the Commission.